The museum that hid art banned by Stalin

Savitsky risked everything for this collection. Some of these painters were tortured or murdered or spent long years in the gulags. The work collected is of both Russian and Uzbek artists who painted after the 30s, when all work that wasn’t socialist realism was banned by Stalin. Any other styles of the time – the emerging cubism, futurism, even impressionism – were deemed criminal. Formalism, as it was called, was punishable



"Église catholique: ça suffit!"

En matière de droits, il n’y a pas de complémentarité, pas de différence, il n’y a que l’égalité, une égalité originelle : « Dieu créa l’humain à son image, homme et femme, il les créa


Lutz Bacher: Magic Mountain

Fragmentation, interruption and fog

Of course there are precise moments – the moment in Schoenberg's Second String Quartet when the music abandons tonality altogether and a soprano sings of 'the air of other planets'; or Picasso's Demoiselle's D'Avignon where the prettiness of the acrobats and lovers of his blue and pink periods is abandoned for something at once harsh, archaic and foreign


Harvard Thucydides’s Trap Project

the execution of King Louis XVI in January 1793 was the final straw, galvanizing the British to action and prompting Britain to “engineer a grand anti-French coalition.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In 2004 Ayaan gained international attention following the murder of Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh had directed her short film Submission, a film about the oppression of women under Islam. The assassin, a radical Muslim, left a death threat for her pinned to Van Gogh's chest.


Installation by Anthea Hamilton


DUNE will also help us work out whether neutrinos and their anti-matter equivalent, anti-neutrinos, behave identically, providing further evidence for matter’s dominance.


How a Chinese venture in Venezuela made millions while locals grew hungry

Venezuela and China agreed to hundreds of projects to kickstart growth in the South American country. After billions in investments, however, little materialized. A $200 million rice plant illustrates the graft and incompetence that opponents say crippled development by Venezuela's leftist regime.

Police investigating disappearance of Madeleine McCann unmask 'German paedophile and triple child killer

Ney was jailed for killing Stefan Jahr, 13, in 1992, Dennis Rostel, eight, in 1995, and Dennis Klein, nine, in 2001
Note: it is ethically and morally mandatory to reenacte the death penalty for monsters like that one.


No booths, no dealers

Perhaps even more radical is the absence of dealers and gallery representatives all together. Sales are facilitated by Object & Thing staff, who are stationed, iPads in hand, around the 15 “islands” at which works are displayed.

"He wants to be Velazquez so he paints stripes"

To our right was a copper painting by Frank Stella, its surface burnished by the light which flooded the room. A Harvard student who had entered the gallery approached us. With his left arm raised and his finger pointing to the Stella, he confronted Michael Fried. ‘What’s so good about that?’


Beijing’s deterrence fleet is up to six ballistic missile subs

China is becoming a rising power not only in consumer technology and artificial intelligence but also in Arctic military operations and nuclear submarine construction


Does poverty cause terrorism?

close inspection of recent terrorist attacks — including the Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka — finds that perpetrators often come from relatively affluent and well-resourced backgrounds, creating doubt over the credibility of the “poverty-terrorism nexus.” 

What might trigger the collapse of the EU?

“the expected success of the far-right and far-left in the European parliamentary election in May this year augurs the beginning of the end for the currency union”.

Note: I'm neither from the far-right nor from the far-left but I think that the EU must collapse. The sonner the better [the political correct aberrations must be stopped and any credit for the purchasing of German cars (submarines and so on) will go to a definitely end].