Google hit with record $5 billion EU antitrust fine *

EU regulators hit Google with a record 4.34 billion euros ($5 billion) antitrust fine on Wednesday for using its Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals.

* and the Facebook, which "apps" are comming inside the system of the devices, dosen't allowing to be removed (even from people, like me, that does not have any facebook account)? How much it would be fined (I wrote yet to the European Commissar Vera Jurová on that issue)?


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The New Octopus

Today, as technology creates new forms of power, we must also create new forms of countervailing civic power. We must build a new civic infrastructure that imposes new kinds of checks and balances. But where new firms, however innovative, outstrip our ability to assure their accountability, then we have to ask hard questions about whether we want to pursue such innovation in the first place.


U.S. accuses Russian spies of 2016 election hacking

Officers of Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, covertly monitored computers of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic campaign committees, and stole large amounts of data, the indictment said.

Forty-two years ago, a Russian leader privately offered unlimited assistance to a presidential candidate. Given the continuity over the years of Russia’s covert-action methods, it is of little surprise to see Russia doing in 2016 what Brezhnev offered to do in 1975. The difference is that this time the offer was accepted, while in 1975 the United States was led by a man of great experience and absolute integrity, who ignored the offer.

Trump also refrained from publicly criticizing Russia’s 2014 seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region, another geopolitical win for Putin against Western efforts to isolate him.

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Amnesty International estimates that at least 97 prisoners of conscience are currently held in Vietnam’s prisons

serving a 10-year prison term following her June 2017 conviction on charges of spreading “propaganda against the state” under Article 88 of Vietnam’s Penal Code, Quynh (Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh) had blogged about human rights abuses and official corruption for more than a decade.
She had also criticized the government’s response to a 2016 toxic waste spill by the Taiwan-owned Formosa Plastics Group that destroyed the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Vietnamese living in four coastal provinces.

Tibetan Villagers Tear-Gassed, Beaten For Mine Protest

Chinese police have launched a violent tear-gas assault on Tibetan villagers in Qinghai’s Yulshul prefecture, ending a two-month protest against suspected mining operations on local mountains, according to a local source.


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Bad Romanian Horse Meat Stampedes Across Europe

Last year, the Agromexim-Cetina partnership generated a new European alert for cadmium- contaminated meat — its fifth one. The meat was sold to the Italian company Boventi SPA, which sent it on to Germany and Hungary. The source of the cadmium contamination has never been identified, according to the Romanian authorities. Meanwhile, Chevideco, the Belgian buyer, continues to buy horse meat from Agromexim.


Vivaldi's "La Folia" (Madness), arranged by Jeannette Sorrell after Sonata XII, Apollo's Fire

Former Pakistan PM Sharif Sentenced To 10 Years Over Panama Papers

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10.6 million on corruption charges linked to 2016 Panama Papers revelations about his family’s properties overseas.


Elderly and disabled civilians were burned alive

Reiterating his call on the government and African Union to establish a hybrid court for South Sudan, he said the soldiers had slit elderly villagers’ throats, hanged women for resisting looting and shot fleeing civilians.

Nobel widow Liu Xia leaves China after 8 years’ house arrest

The release of Liu Xia, who has never been charged with any crime, is the result of years of campaigning by Western governments and activists and comes just days before the one-year anniversary of the death of dissident Liu Xiaobo while he was serving a prison sentence for inciting subversion.