A fire has hit the most important shrine in Tibetan Buddhism - the Jokhang Monastery !!!

The Jokhang monastery is more than 1,000 years old and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Reports say that Chinese authorities quickly tried to block footage and images of the fire appearing on social media.
Beijing maintains tight control of news reports from Tibet, where Buddhist sites have been a focal point for separatist unrest in the past.
Foreign journalists are not able to enter Tibet without special permission.


The Guilty Soul of Pope Francis

Francis, tormented perhaps by his own dark and secret history, has misunderstood who are the victims and who are the perpetrators in this Chilean story. Instead of following the example of the Good Samaritan and comforting the wounded bodies and souls of those violated by sexual abuse, he has sided with the priest, Barros, and the other prelates who not only did nothing to alleviate that suffering, but were part of the gang that beat the victims and robbed them of their dignity.


Libera Me (excerpt)

China puts Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuk on trial for subversion

Wangchuk complained of a “systematic slaughter of our culture”.
“In politics, it’s said that if one nation wants to eliminate another nation, first they need to eliminate their spoken and written language,” he said.
In the Times’ stories Wangchuk notably says he wants to use Chinese law to build his case, and praised President Xi Jinping.
Beijing says it “peacefully liberated” Tibet in 1951 and insists it has brought development to a previously backward region.
But many Tibetans accuse the Chinese government of exploiting the region’s natural resources and encouraging an influx of China’s majority Han ethnic group that critics say is diluting the native culture and Buddhist faith.


Quarter of land will be drier under 2°C

More than a quarter of Earth's land surface will become "significantly" drier even if humanity manages to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius, the goal espoused in the Paris Agreement, scientists said on Monday (Jan 1).

Iranians against corruption and for women rights

In some demonstrations, women cast off their hijabs, defying the country's strict Islamic dress code. The protests have provided an opening for Iranian women to push for equal rights.


The end of net neutrality may be here

The net neutrality rules, approved by the FCC in 2015, were intended to keep the internet open and fair. Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon were explicitly prohibited from speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps.