Protests in Egypt

• 13 people have died as running battles continue
• Arrests of and attacks on journalists
• Egyptian PM apologises for violence


BP's manipulation

BP is being investigated by US regulators over alleged manipulation of the gas market, dealing a blow to its attempts to rehabilitate its tarnished reputation following the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Guardian

To destroy artic's ecosystem

LONDON — British oil company BP announced Friday night that Russia's state-owned oil firm Rosneft will take 5 percent of BP's ordinary voting shares in a major stock swap.

In exchange, Rosneft will give BP about 9.5 percent of its shares, BP officials said. Rosneft chairman and Russian deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said the deal was worth about $8 billion. newsok

Translation: british petroleum is going to destroy artic' s ecosystem.

The country of the very, very, funtastic

Italy faces the possibility of a dynastic succession as calls grow for the millionaire daughter of Silvio Berlusconi to enter politics with a view to becoming the country's next prime minister. Telegraph