Hypocrisy goes on

David Cameron was last night accused of using his Middle East tour to promote Arab democracy as a cover for arms sales.

The Prime Minister was branded a ‘disgrace’ after it emerged that he has taken eight defence firms with him on a four-day visit to the region.
At the same time, Defence Minister Gerald Howarth and 50 British companies were flying the flag at an arms export show in the United Arab Emirates, also attended by Libyan generals.

Criticism of Britain’s cosy trade relations with Arab dictators has focused on Tony Blair’s Deal in the Desert with Colonel Gaddafi in 2004. dailymail

Tanks, helicopters and fighter jets

International condemnation is growing in response to reports that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is using tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to quell the most serious challenge to his 42-year rule. aljazeera