Norway Shocked by Twin Attacks

The people of Norway were in a state of shock on Friday evening following twin attacks which have shaken the normally peaceful Scandinavian nation to its core.

A violent explosion in central Oslo on Friday afternoon killed at least seven people and wounded at least 15. That was followed by a shooting incident on the island of Utoya outside the capital which left at least 9 people, and as many as 20, dead.

Speaking after the blast, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said the situation was "very serious." He spoke in a telephone call to the Norwegian TV2 television without revealing his location, having been advised by police to keep his whereabouts secret. spiegel

Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK

Anders Brehing Breivik, the man accused of the murder of at least 91 Norwegians in a bomb and gun massacre, boasted online about his discussions with the far-right English Defence League and other anti-Islamic European organisations. guardian

Breivik's claims he met 'mentor' in UK

In the manuscript Breivik describes his "mentor" as an Englishman he identifies as "Richard", and says his journey into violent extremism began at a small meeting in London in 2002 where a group of like-minded extremists met to "reform" the Knights Templar Europe, a military group whose purpose was "to seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda". guardian

"Helpers of the Global Jihad" claim responsibility

According to Expressen.se of Sweden, the little known terrorist group Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, has issued a statement claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks today in Norway. examiner