Is our support* for that?

The discussion about the caliphate of the Muslim believers comes at a time when the entire Muslim world is simmering, as one dictator falls after another.

Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, even Iran can become countries where such an ideology could flourish, not to mention Iraq or Afghanistan.
Hizb ut-Tahrir wants to bring this tradition back to life, to unite all Muslims under one state, to make sure the Sharia is the law under which all of them live and that the faith of Allah and his Prophet is then carried further into the territories of the unbelievers.

The organization rejects all the Western values, and even democracy, considered by them an invention of the Americans and the Zionists, even though they hold their conferences in democratic countries.
“The United States should be governed by Sharia, if they were to enter the Caliphate,” one of the organizers answered when asked the question whether the American Constitution should remain in place when the world was governed by Islam.
France is said to have almost 10 percent of the population confessing the religion of the Prophet, while Germany is having its own share of them, mostly from Turkey.

At the present moment, European continent has two states with a Muslim majority: Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the prospect of Turkey being admitted to the EU, which would add to the existing 56 million European Muslims another 70 million, which is more than a quarter of the entire population of Europe. metrolic

* to liberate them from their corrupt despots.

Note: Turkey will not enter the EU.

Final veredict: "Still, the division among the Arab countries, both political and religious, manifested so many times when unity was required in the face of Western actions, guarantees that the Caliphate will not become a reality any time soon, especially since the number of believers who want to live under the strict Sharia grows thinner every day, as many Muslims prefer to turn to justice to the Western-like courts, rather than have their arms cut or hang in trees, or wear traditional clothes."