Europe's response in disarray as Gaddafi makes gains

France recognises rebels as Libya's legitimate government as dictator's son threatens escalation after troops take key cities. independent

Note: France is allright. UE did whats the butcher Gaddafi and his son expected: talks and no action. UE seems going to an end. Hippocrit UK would be very, very, happy (of course...), but it would be a tragedy to countries like Grece and Portugal. They were unable to create an real democratic tradition and huge statewide corruption destroyed any social cohesion. Totalitarian regimes are waiting on the corner (nothing new for them... and that isn't a tragedy to Europe... Iberians and balkanians are used, even in "democracy", for that kind of system...). Anyway a "democracy" like the portuguese is just rubish and corruption. Portuguese banks are among the main responsibles for that. They are embroiled in all corruption business system, and they are the main beneficiary of that corrupt system. BES (Saint Spirit Bank...), owned by GES (Saint Spirit Group...), is apparently the most corrupt and is embroiled in dirty deals like Portucale and submarines, namely.