Seeing through the fog

Killing Colonel Gaddafi cannot be a war aim, nor indeed regime change in Libya - though we may hope that happens.

Meanwhile, we should help the rebel forces. As former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind says, the arms embargo chiefly affects the rebels; it should instead be directed at the government side.

We should, nonetheless, be prepared for the possibility that the no-fly zone will not be conclusive: we could be in much the same position in a month's time as now. But that is still preferable to Colonel Gaddafi having things his own way. standard

Innocents still being attacked

One doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “They are talking about a ceasefire, they are talking about a no-fly zone, for me that does not mean anything. My people here are under attack. telegraph

The ineffectual Baroness Ashton

The ineffectual Baroness Ashton, the EU's foreign affairs guru, displayed her diplomatic naivety when she sided with the Germans in opposing a no-fly zone. telegraph

Gold reserves worth more than $6bn

Libya has declared gold reserves worth more than $6bn at current prices, thought to be held largely at home. bbc