Today I went to a rehearsal at ESMAE (Superior Scholl of Music and Performing Arts - Porto) where two creations of two of my ex-professors, Jorge Peixinho (unfortunately death after longtime) and Álvaro Salazar (pictured), were played.

Peixinho's Fantasia-Impromptu is plenty of his personal poetics and unique genius that told so much to generations of portuguese "avant-gardistes". Portugal was, and still, not able to honour him as great citizen and a great musicien and creator. Portugal always favoured bastards and corrupts, so there's little surprise that Peixinho died by an heart stroke and was almost in oblivion when his death occurred.

Álvaro Salazar's Noturno em Lizara (2009) is a short slice of quit abstract music where my ex-professor combine great inspiration with a rather contemplating pace. Amazingly this old man, who can actually hardly get a sight (him lost about 75% of his vision), know very well how his music should sound and drove the musiciens to some sort of great achievement.

Later, at concert, we were given versions of two XX century's major classics: Luciano Berio's Sequenze VIIB, and Pierre Boulez's Dialogue de l'ombre double, the former for sax solo, and the later for saxo and tape. Gilberto Bernardes has the (inspired) sax player.

Note: I never wrote Álvaro Salazar's name on my curriculum because (unfortunately) I went to very few classes with him.

Note 2: today Dilma Rousseff was in Portugal and told Brasil will help Portugal but need some guarantees to do it within brasilien laws. I propose that Brasil take Portugal's government and I propose Dilma Rousseff, and ex-president Lula, to ride Portugal. They would be incredible more successful than ours corrupt politiciens, stupid analists and commentators, very pompous universities' professors, million euro payed CEOs and senior administrators, inefficient magistrates, the absolutly useless top militar commanders (with their expensive toys, like submarins, wich we are no money to pay)... This people did ruin Portugal. This people does not worth a single cent. Please, Dilma and Lula: take Portugal in your hands. Lula: if you rescued Brasil you can do the same with Portugal. Our first minister is corrupt and our economist- catedratic great Professor-President - and army's ultimately top commander - is sadly pathetic.

Carlos Queiroz's ban lifted on appeal

Queiroz was sacked by Portugal two days after a 1-0 defeat to Norway in a Euro 2012 qualifier last September. He announced his intention to appeal against his suspension later that month, meaning he was free to work until the appeal hearing. guardian

Note: Queiróz has been victim - just one more - of the disgusting portuguese's feudal system and it absolutely corrupt government. A victim that fortunately still alive to fight...

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