A new dawn for transgenic in Europe

Approval of the Amflora potato could signal a fresh approach to genetically modified organisms.

The European Commission last week approved Amflora — a genetically modified (GM) potato developed by German chemical company BASF. The potato — engineered to produce a form of starch that is better for some industrial purposes in, for example, paper manufacturing, adhesives and textiles — is the first GM crop to be approved for cultivation in the European Union (EU) for 12 years. Monsanto's MON 810 maize (corn), which is engineered to be resistant to the European corn-borer caterpillar, was licensed in 1998. nature

Note: the undemocratic EU's officials did aprove, this weeck, transgenic food in EU, depite knowing that european people would refuse it, if asked. Maybe some lobby bribed them...