Joseph Stiglitz on how to fix the recession

A Nobel Laureate and former senior advisor to Bill Clinton, Joseph Stiglitz is the biggest brain in economics – and he predicted the slump years ago. In an exclusive interview, he talks to Sean O'Grady about 'crazy' capitalism, Britain's chances of recovery and why the banks must be punished. The Independent

Note: Stiglitz talk about the british 'crazy capitalism', but I may tell that the british "liberal sistem" is just rubish. On London living hundred-thousand (peraphs millions) "slaves", living and sleeping on dorms in trashed private 'hostels', without any privacy, some of they plenty of bed bugs. They work in coffes, restaurants, and so on. Without they probably the british capital would stop, so UK aparently need those 'slaves'. In my opinion the actual british 'liberal sistem' is an insult to European traditions.